Unreal Engine 4 - Auto Terrain Cover Plugin V3

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Unreal Engine 4 - Auto Terrain Cover Plugin V3

Kevin Antonio Mitchell
38 ratings

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EULA in plain english: You can use this in your game, you can use this to learn from, you can't repurpose the plugin and resell it.

UE4 Versions: 4.13+

The Auto Terrain Cover V3 is a Auto material / terrain starting set that I have put together for me and to help others that want to learn how to do something similar. It's a compilation of all the knowledge i have accumulated over the last 2-3 years using unreal and playing around with "This might be crazy but what if i could do A B and C".

New things added / changes from the V2:

Added 11 Modular Background mountain meshes. With auto material for modifying the mountains appearance as you may need.

Added 1 tree using tree-it with LODs and adjustments. No Billboards...

Changed the RPG Sky and PPV effects from what they were in the other one. The previous release had overblown exposure settings and other settings that made any other object with standard material settings overly blown out.

Decreased the shader complexity.

Added the ability to dynamically shutdown layers of the material that is not needed in the final appearance of the terrain or mountains to lessen the overhead for the shader.

Added grass type height limits so restrict the grass type from appearing over a given height.

Added the ability to turn off the use of grass type in general per grass type Forest/Grass/Rocks

Recreated the masking for the terrain to have exact mask for the terrain coverage instead of over layered mask causing grass type overlaps and texture heavy texture bleeding and weird normal bleeding. Tried to make the volume clouds lighter but that failed so the clouds are in perpetual WIP until i get a better solution for clouds.

Videos covering this can be found on my youtube page: 


I want this!


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